Election Week 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is a day that many have anticipated. So much has taken place in the last few days and waiting on the outcome feels like an eternity. No surprise that it has stretched well beyond Tuesday. COVID-19 has impacted life itself and the election is no exception. If you are like me you are glued to the television and switching between news channels. For many the end result is a matter of life or death and the luxury of checking out is not an option. Families and communities have and still are being ravished by COVID-19. The pandemic didn’t mysteriously disappear this week despite minimal news coverage! Trust me when I say that the pandemic hits you differently when you have the experience of watching the funeral of someone you know via Facebook live. Recall that children still remain in cages, violence is incited nonchalantly and white supremacy is readily condoned. Human lives are at stake and I refuse to take it lightly.

I have a few additional counseling sessions before the week is over and I will continue to speak about self-care. As I am taking inventory of my week I admit that self-care wasn’t my primacy focus. I didn’t turn the channel nor did I enjoy the warm Chicago weather. In fact, I listened to cable news stations while driving compliments of satellite radio. I have the ability to time outings with television commercial breaks so that I can make it to the car in time to turn on my satellite radio. My three year old remains content playing with her tablet and has not complained. I stopped keeping track of her screen time this week and concluded that I am better served by keeping the battery charged on her tablet!

My saving grace is my daughter complaining that she is “sick of watching the news and those numbers.” She prefers to watch her shows on Nick Jr. and I oblige by allowing her to change the channel. In her world none of this matters but as a mother I know that the election outcome will impact her future. I smile because for once I am able to turn the channel, however, I resort to my cellphone so I don’t miss anything. This week self-care equates to keeping all of the electronic devices (tablets, laptop and cellphone) fully charged, switching between cable news stations and listening to the commentary. Mental health is my specialty and watching a personality disorder unfold has also held my attention over the course of the last four years. The personality disorder, performances and temper tantrums are on display this week and I’m certain that the nation will continue to be subjected to them in the months to come. On a serious note, my self-care regimen this week is watching democracy play out in real time because lives depend on the outcome.

Sending a special thank you to the election officials for remaining diligent in counting ballots around the clock. Their personal safety is important as they bring counting to a close. Salute to the news personalities that have worked countless hours to keep us informed with the latest information. A special shout out to all who have casted a vote in person or via mail-in ballot. This. Is. Democracy.

Until Next Time,

💙 Salimah

Peace, Love & Breastmilk™

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