Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

We are half way through the month of May and I cannot let the month pass without acknowledging Mental Health Awareness Month. I am happy that an entire month is dedicated to highlighting the importance of mental health. In my world mental health is placed onto a pedestal on a daily basis. I will continue to speak about it and its importance to overall health every opportunity afforded to me.

An entire year has come and gone since the start of the pandemic. In March 2020 many mental health professionals found themselves overwhelmed with the amount of new clients reaching out to initiate services. I experienced an increase which has yet to slow down 14 months later. The world paused and mental health clinicians ramped up! Opinions about mental health shifted along with the way that we render services. The use of telehealth made therapy easily assessible without having to leave ones home. Telehealth is not a new phenomenon and I credit it with helping many to navigate daily challenges associated with the pandemic. Telehealth brought a layer of comfort in seeking out therapy that did not exist prior to the pandemic. It is my personal belief that the pandemic helped to erase the negative stigma associated with mental health. Many were able to partake in therapy during the workday while working remotely — talk about maximizing workday productivity! Telehealth also eliminated the need to dedicate time to travel. Additionally, keeping attendance from family was impossible as the entire family was likely in the home while the session was taking place. For once mental health was deemed to be equal to physical health and it took a global pandemic to make it possible.

I highly encourage you to keep mental health awareness at the forefront of your mind beyond the month of May. Mental health and self-care was discussed heavily in 2020 and I urge you to keep the same energy. Keep the same energy by seeking out mental health services. There is no need to wait until another crisis to begin the process. Continue to acknowledge your feelings and have conversations about them by any means necessary. Keep the same energy by regularly indulging in self-care. Emotional self-care was discussed in a previous post along with suggestions for tapping into it. Perhaps you gained new skills and healthy habits during the 2020 quarantine. Keep the same energy by implementing them into your new routine as you begin to reacclimate yourself to the world.

Mental Health Awareness Month exists to raise awareness and educate the masses about mental illness. Visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to familiarize yourself with warning signs and symptoms. Check out the May 2020 Mental Health Awareness Month post where perinatal mood and anxiety disorders was explored. You are not alone and you do not have to suffer in silence. Help is available via the resources below. Utilize them if needed and pass the information to anyone in your circle needing mental health resources.

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Mental Health Resources

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