Gratitude Jar

Creating a Gratitude Jar can be a great way to savor memories, celebrate events and honor where you are in the moment.  Take time daily to write what you are grateful for onto slips of paper and place it into your gratitude jar—do so several times per day if you wish! A gratitude jar can bring about appreciation for self, celebrate strengths and bring about a sense of connectedness. If you are a pregnant or breast/chestfeeding person consider adding details about your journey to your jar. This could be a cool method of chronicling your experience!

Having gratitude does not always just happen; it takes practice! Being in a space of gratitude helps you to be a more positive person and can help you to attract more positive experiences into your life. Having a not so great day? Pull out your gratitude jar to read what you have written over time to brighten your day! Try reading the contents on New Years Eve as you usher in the new year! You may even consider using an app on an electronic device as it can be a bit more convenient to add a note of gratitude anytime anywhere! On the flip side this may be an exercise where you take a break from your electronic device and go ole school with pen and paper! At times gratitude can be found in detaching from technology. There is no right or wrong way to do this activity. Just remember to keep it simple by making it happen in a manner that feels comfy for you! Remember to think outside of the jar!


☑ 1 jar or box

☑ Slips of paper for writing

☑ A pen / pencil for writing

☑ Creativity to decorate your jar or box

☑ App on an electronic device if you prefer to utilize technology

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