Is it possible to spoil your infant?

“Don’t pick up your baby too much because it will spoil them.”

“Feeding your newborn too much spoils them.”

“Let them cry it out. It will teach them how to self-soothe.”

“Breastfeeding your baby will keep them attached to you and they won’t like anyone else.”

“You don’t have to respond every time your baby cries.”

How many of the above statements have you heard? To spoil or not to spoil is the million dollar question. Many people have varying opinions and usually their input is well intended. Initially I was receptive to unsolicited “wisdom” from others because I was a first-time mom. Over time I grew annoyed because my thought process is rooted in the understanding of human development. The above statements negate science, human development and an infant’s cognitive ability. Contrary to popular belief; it is impossible to spoil an infant. Here’s why.

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