My baby is five… and she still breastfeeds!

Several months have passed and I last checked in during the holiday season. Happy New Year! Happy Black History Month! Happy Women’s History Month! Daylight Savings Time is here and today is 313 Day (shout out to Detroit). It was 70 degrees in Chicagoland eight days ago (sadly it snowed two days later) which lets me know that Spring is slowly approaching. I took a brief hiatus from writing and so much has happened since December. In my time away my blog turned two and my baby had a birthday. I am now the proud mommy of a five year old; a five year old that breastfeeds! We are still going and there is no immediate need to stop now.

The choice to end a breast/chestfeeding journey is completely up to the nursing parent and infant/toddler. Western culture dictates that breast/chestfeeding once teeth emerge is abnormal. This is a sarcastic exaggeration, however, nursing a five year old is not quite what western culture has ordered. A lack of acceptance can sabotage the process and add additional pressure to end prematurely. I am usually on the receiving end of puzzled looks and questions in real life and within social media spaces. I often have to clarify that no mistake was made when I stated that I have nursed the same baby for five years; not five months. I am unbothered for a variety of reasons—personal and scientific. My thought process is supported by science. Please consider the following:

“Breastfeeding contributes to your child’s nutrition…” (Source)

“After the first 6 months and until the infant is 1 year old, the AAP recommends that the mother continue breastfeeding while gradually introducing solid foods into the infant’s diet. After 1 year, breastfeeding can be continued if mutually desired by the mother and her infant.” (Source)

Obstetrics & Gynecology explained that breastfed babies receive COVID-19 antibodies from their vaccinated mothers, giving the babies passive immunity against the virus. (Source). Here is the actual study for additional information. (Source)

There are health benefits to the parent that breastfeeds beyond one year. “Breast-feeding for 12 months or more cumulatively in life has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.” (Source)

“Breast milk is considered the gold standard for infant nutrition. There’s no known age at which breast milk is considered to become nutritionally insignificant for a child.” (Source)

Here is an entire page from La Leche League dedicated to breastfeeding beyond infancy. (Source)

Lastly, milk that comes from my body has never been recalled and is always in stock. These facts are personal and are not backed by science. No recalls and no supply chain concerns. Enough said!

Until Next Time,

💙 Salimah

Peace, Love & Breastmilk™

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