Breastfeeding Affirmations

Are you searching for that perfect baby shower gift? Perhaps you may be visiting a new baby for the first time and you don’t want to show up empty handed. Are you the person that is challenged in the gift buying department and wondering what gift would be truly helpful for a parent starting their breastfeeding journey? Well, look no further!

We know that a adopting a positive mindset (easier said than done, right?) is the first step in getting off to a healthy start with breast / chestfeeding. A positive mindset also helps one to overcome hurdles, seek out support and reinforces the need to look inward when we are facing self-doubt.

The Affirmation Cards for Breastfeeding Support card set was developed to assist throughout the entire breast/chestfeeding experience. The front side of each card contains a beautiful illustration and the backside contains an affirmation related to breast/chestfeeding. Be prepared to read affirmations like:

I have a choice in my breastfeeding relationship—I choose to enjoy my breastfeeding journey. I choose to remain in a positive space. Staying in the moment is beneficial to my wellbeing, mental health and overall wellness.

Newborn babies are designed to nurse frequently—you are enough

My breasts are serving their intended purpose—Breastfeeding is natural. Breastfeeding is healthy. Breastfeeding is normal. Breastfeeding is a commitment. I am worth it. My baby is worth it. I am giving my baby the best of me.

Some of the cards feature facts about breastfeeding. These tidbits of factual information will help to combat misinformation given by the well-meaning people in your life. An example includes:

Skin to skin is important throughout the journey—Skin to skin immediately following birth promotes breastfeeding by helping the colostrum to flow. It encourages bonding, regulates baby’s temperature and lowers mom’s stress levels. This exercise promotes bonding and partners can partake as well!

If you are like me you want to give an awesome, yet useful gift. Give a gift that will encourage a new parent along their breast/chestfeeding journey. Maziwa Tribe’s Affirmation Cards for Breastfeeding Support is the gift that keeps on giving. This 30 card deck is the ideal gift for yourself, a new parent or an expectant parent. Keep them within arms reach on the nightstand or in the diaper bag for on-the-go motivation. This glossy 3.5″ x 5.75″ deck comes shrink wrapped in a tuck box for safe keeping and continued use. Written by Salimah and illustrated by the amazing Jacqueline MM Thompson.

Give the gift of support! Here’s to rocking the journey!

Until Next Time,

đź’™ Salimah

Peace, Love & Breastmilk™

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